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Welcome to the AFVBC News & Announements, this page shows all news associated to the Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Clubs including any news which will have any effect on the clubs and the ruuning of the clubs

Liverpool FC Foundation

Liverpool FC Foundation have a Military Veteran programme that provides a Football specific offering for Veterans across the Liverpool City Region, as well as signposting them for all other needs to the Liverpool Veterans headquarters. We are looking to link with local Military Veteran groups and to signpost our participants to their breakfast clubs. We are looking to raise awareness for all Veterans across the city. If any of your members would like to get involved in our Football sessions please pass on my email contact. All sessions are free of charge.

Are you a Veteran of RAF/Navy living in London/South East

Are you a Veteran of RAF / Navy living in London / South East ? Would you like to take part in a market research project? Everyone taking part must have had some dealings with Veterans UK (not only online). The research will be in your own home on either the 11/12th June, we will be with you for 2.5 hours and for your time you will be paid £150.00

Littlehampton AFVBC overwhelmed by support from customers at Morrisons

Littlehampton Armed Forces Veterans Breakfast Club overwhelmed by support from customers at Morrisons. Ian Buckland, vice-chairman of the club, was overwhelmed with the generosity and support shown by the people of Littlehampton. He said: “We raised a massive £605.46 which will go towards supporting our veterans in many ways, as in assisting with travelling costs to specialist appointments for mental health support and medical needs, much-needed extra food and for everyday general support for their wellbeing.”

Chelsea Pensioner Colin Thackery Wins Britain's Got Talent

Chelsea Pensioner Colin Thackery has won the ITV variety show Britain's Got Talent. The military veteran sang his way through the competition, performing songs like 'We'll Meet Again', 'Wind Beneath My Wings' and 'Love Changes Everything'. During his semi-final and final performances, he was also joined on stage by a chorus of his friends from the Royal Hospital Chelsea.

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