Facebook Groups / Registration

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Facebook Groups are a feature on the Facebook platform that allows users to create and join communities based on shared interests, goals, or affiliations. These groups provide a space for users to connect, share content, discuss topics, and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

It is important to make sure that an admin sets up the Facebook Group, this is because if the person who setup the group is not willing to leave then the group can be closed or members removed without notice.  It is vital that the admin/moderators of the group are the only admins of the group, this will allow the admins to change information as and when required.

If someone states they will set the group up for you then make sure they are willing to leave the group when it is done (all the relevant information is in place and the privacy setting are set correctly). It is also important that the group is run by the admins for the benefit of the veterans and no organisation. The only admins of the group are the ones who attend the group, members of the group can be any veterans/visitor.

Facebook Groups provide a more focused and intimate space for users to interact compared to the broader Facebook platform. They serve as a way for people to build communities around shared interests, fostering discussions and connections beyond the scope of individual profiles. The last thing Admins of groups need is for them to be removed if they do not agree with the person who setup the group, so they are removed and banned from interacting with their members.

Registration, is not required on our website. This is protect Veterans information and to make sure the only organisations who need the information are given them directly by the Veteran. By limiting the collection of unnecessary details we are demonstrating a commitment to respecting veterans/members' privacy. Avoiding the collection of unnecessary information can contribute to a smoother and more user-friendly membership process as all veterans/members need to do is join the Facebook Group.