Dave Williamson

Dave Williamson

I joined the Army (Royal Engineers) in 1990 and served in multiple locations, in 1997 I was medically discharged due to an accident and joined Hull Royal Engineers Association (REA). I accepted the position as Vice President and 3 years later became President Hull REA. In March 2019 I stepped down after serving a 3-year term in 2019 when the Vice President took over.

The accident which happened (in November 1995) made me an above knee amputee and after struggling to find a prosthesis to fit I contacted BLESMA who advised me to attend Seacroft Hospital, Leeds. The staff there informed me I had been given the wrong items and the artificial limb would never stay in place if I carried on using it. After 2 years of fittings and rebuilding the artificial limb it was finally delivered for testing in March 2019 and is still being tested to see if it fits and there are any problems with it.

Due to funds not being accounted for in the correct way, a number of Breakfast Club admins/members decided to make sure funds would be made accountable and everything would be set up and run in the correct manner instead of a haphazard way (which put veterans funds at risk). It was at this point that the CIC was set up, to make sure all funds were fully accountable and no one person had access to any funds. We (the Official and Original) CIC have since submitted the correct accounts on a yearly basis. Due to the creation of this CIC, the  Official Trademark from the organisation which was being run haphazardly made multiple allegations which were found to be false and an attempt to discredit the CIC. 

"Part of Email from Humberside Police" (into Company No. 10251007)
"Whilst there is a smokescreen of financial information in the summary emanating from the breakdown of a business which has been poorly run, the offence boils down to an allegation of theft of a trademark. I have discussed the case in length with the OIC and taken advice from the Force legal department. The IPO have documentation from both parties and will make a decision if their procedure has been followed correctly to transfer the Trademark. The complainant has not provided any admissible documentary evidence to support any allegation of theft. The transfer form does not appear to have been tampered with and there is no evidence of fraud."

When the admins of this CIC (Company No. 11161286) left the other organisation (Company No. 10251007) (because of financial irregularities) they where replaced, but then those admins left because of the same reasons (financial irregularities). We are not linked to the organisation/breakfast club, who had to close their own breakfast club accounts down due to cheques been made payable to certain people and no receipts being provided, again this is due to bad management by the other organisation.

The CIC is run by Veterans for Veterans and as you can see by looking on Companies House, we (unlike other organisations) have submitted accounts yearly and the Official and Original Trademark is still valid