AFVBC Website Upgrades

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We have now upgraded the AFVBC website so it is using the latest version, this is to make sure that the security of the website is kept to a high standard. We have had to input all the information again as the old version and modules did not allow the website to run as we required. There have been a few alterations/removals to the information we are now showing on the website.


  • We have removed some old AFVBC and National news Articles from the website and only put a few articles on this website, this was to save time entering all the articles again.
  • We have not put any comments about any News Articles or AFVBC Announcements that we have listed, again this would be too time-consuming.
  • We had 2 categories AFVBC News and National News, these have been merged into one catergory and the website allows us to separate them and display them how we would like to.


  • Improved security of the website.
  • Improved the banner of the website so we can now show videos from Breakfast Club meetings, not just images.
  • Improved the way we enter information to save duplication from one page to another, separate categories, and show them how we would like to.
  • Using Modules that have been downloaded fresh, and not ones that are copied from the old website. This means there is no code redundancy.
  • The ability to reuse images that have previously been used in other articles saves uploading the same image multiple times for different articles.
  • The ability to use videos on the homepage banner means visitors can actually see what is happening instead of looking at images.
  • Improved the Map so it is now using Geo-Clustering to group area's of the map together instead of seeing all the markers, click the area and view the clubs. This makes the map look better and not as cluttered.

We are currently making sure all pages are correct, if any visitors find any errors then we apologise for the problems this may cause.