AFVBC News & Announcements

Welcome to the AFVBC News & Announements, this page shows all news associated to the Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Clubs including any news which will have any effect on the clubs and the ruuning of the clubs

His Majesty The King Visits Luton

The King walked around the crowd, then went to speak to AFVBC Veterans, he put his hand for a shake and spoke to all who attended.

He said to one Member, “ after this, you can go for a nice stiff drink”, Colin and the others just laughed with the King

The guys that met him, were:

Darrel Gregory (SAMA scarf)
Allan Olliver (RTR Beret)
John Gilmour (RAF Beret next to Allan)
Colin Lee (Red Beret REME)
Chris Curtis (RAF Beret and full beard)
Ken Clasper (Royal Navy)
Terry Hennessey (Royal Navy and dark glasses)

Challenge Anneka Team - Visit Luton

The Luton & District Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club were invited by the Challenge Anneka team, to get involved with a challenge they had been set here in Luton for the Luton Sea and Royal Marine Cadets, the Challenge was to come up with a design, a name and also an understanding about what Medals stand for, as well as striking a special medal that would be awarded to one of the Cadets for an outstanding achievement in the previous 12 months.

Jobs Opportunities (Farnham)

We have been contacted about job opportunities in the Farnham Area. Sandbox filler/operator and general labouring. The role is to fill sand into the sandboxes to help traction on the wheels, this is important during the cold months with issues such as ice and leaf fall. Shift rostter (20:00 - 04:00 or 19:30 - 03:00). See flyer for more details and for contact information.