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Welcome to the AFVBC News & Announements, this page shows all news associated to the Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Clubs including any news which will have any effect on the clubs and the ruuning of the clubs

NEW Armed Forces & Veterans Bikers Breakfast Club (AFVBBC)

Introducing a new breed of club in the breakfast clubs’ network here at and the first Armed Forces & Veterans Biker Breakfast Club.

We’ve been busy over lockdown working out how we can bring together military veteran bikers to meet up all over the UK and the new club was formed in March 2021. Whilst the first club covers Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire, it is not limited to those in those counties as any military veteran biker can join the group no matter where they live.

West Country AFVBC

This year marks 60 years since the end of National Service in the UK. We're hoping to have a chat with someone who completed their National Service. We're specifically looking for someone based in Bristol, Bath, Gloucestershire or Wiltshire.

The questions would be simple and following the lines of:

1. What was the best and worst thing about your National Service?

2. What did you learn from your National Service?

If you know of anyone who matches that description who would be willing to talk to us, then please let me know!


CIC Accounts

After a long struggle with Companies House the CIC Accounts are now showing on their website, they were first sent to them in November 2020 as per company legislation all companies which trade should submit yearly accounts.

A financial year is usually a 12 month period for which you prepare accounts. Every company must prepare accounts that report on the performance and activities of the company during the financial year.

Every company must keep accounting records - whether they are trading, or not.

Accounting records must include:

Other Team Members

Elaine Forman, Hatfield & Welwny G.C
Hatfield & Welwyn G.C. AFVBC, Admin
Andy Milne, Luton & District AFVBC
Luton & District, Admin
Sharon Mansfield Oundle AFVBC
Oundle AFVBC, Admin
Yvonne Parsons Swindon AFVBC
Swindon AFVBC, Admin