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PM Pledges To Defend Falklands & Search For Owner Of WWI Medals

Theresa May Becomes First Conservative PM To Visit Argentina Since Falklands War

Theresa May Becomes First Conservative PM To Visit Argentina Since Falklands War.

Prime Minister Theresa May has vowed to maintain Britain's defence of the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands, as she became the first Conservative Prime Minister to visit Argentina since the 1982 war.

Mrs May will hold one-on-one talks with Argentine President Mauricio Macri later, who is hosting leaders from around the world at the G20 summit of major economies.

During her flight to Buenos Aires, Mrs May said the "sovereignty of the Falklands has not changed" and that in recent months, the UK has "seen better relations with Argentina."

This comes after the two countries reached an agreement on a new air link between the Falkland Islands and South America, earlier this week.

Hunt For Owners Of World War One Medals

A First World War British naval medal has been found at Tyne Cot Cemetery in Belgium.

The medal was found by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission's gardening team, after the Remembrance ceremony, on 11 November.

An inscription shows that is was awarded to Able Seaman, William Andrew Murphy. It's believed one of his descendants was at the ceremony when the medal was lost.

After 10 days of intense training, Exercise Iron Python has now drawn to a close.

The exercise has seen hundreds of personnel from the Royal Logistic Corps exercising in urban environments across the North of England.

It tested soldiers' ability to get supplies to the frontline - using anti-tank missiles to defend key equipment.


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