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NHS ploughs £10MILLION into National Heroes Service for veterans

NHS Ploughs 10 Million to help Veterans

VETERANS battling alcohol, drug and mental health problems are to receive advanced care provided by a new £10million crisis service under the NHS.

The service will be launched next month to help vulnerable ex-servicemen and women batting addiction or PTSD dubbed the National Heroes Service. NHS England boss Simon Stevens will announce the specialist support that will have a massive millions of pounds pumped into it to provide veterans the very best support at GP surgeries and hospitals. Former soldiers, sailors and RAF personnel will be given treatment to meet their needs under the 10-year plan, which will also ensure £20billion of extra NHS funding is being properly spent, the Sun on Sunday reports. Mr Stevens spoke of his determination to ensure those who sacrificed their lives for their country are properly cared for when they return home.

He said: “The NHS long-term plan will ensure that the health service will be there for those who have been prepared to give their all for their country.

“Ramping up services will help veterans get the specialist support they need at every level, no matter which NHS service they use across the country.”


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