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Las Vegas shootings: British soldier awarded for bravery

Las Vegas shootings: British soldier awarded for bravery

A British soldier who rushed to the aid of people injured in the Las Vegas massacre has been recognised by the Queen for his bravery.

Almost 500 people were hurt and 58 killed when a gunman opened fire on festival-goers at the Mandalay Bay Hotel on 1 October last year.

Trooper Ross Woodward was off duty when he helped treat people with gunshot wounds and guided others to safety.

He said receiving the honour came as a "total surprise".

The 24-year-old from Beeston, Nottinghamshire had been enjoying a trip to the city with other soldiers after a desert training exercise in Nevada.

The group had been in the Tropicana hotel opposite and abandoned their meal when they heard gunfire.

'People needed me'

"Anyone in the military would have done the same," Trooper Woodward said.

"To me it just felt like the right thing to do, because people were there and needed my help. I just did not want to walk away and leave them.

"If I ever need help, I hope and pray that someone would help me."


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