More Than Half Of Brits Wish They Had Asked Their Grandparents More About The War

More Than Half Of Brits Wish They Had Asked Their Grandparents More About The War

New research released today by, to mark the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, reveals that 54% of parents whose own grandparents were alive during the war feel they don’t have enough information about their grandparents time in the war to share with their own children.

While 46% of Brits are concerned that D-Day is at risk of being forgotten when the last veterans pass away.

The study of 2,000 adults found the top questions Brits with grandparents who lived during the war but are no longer alive wish they’d asked their older relatives are ‘What was it like living through the war?’ (31%), ‘What did you do in the war?’ (27%) and ‘What was the scariest thing about the war?’ (27%).

Additional questions they wish they’d asked include, ‘Did any of your friends or family die in the war?’ (22%), ‘What was an average meal during the war?’ (22%), ‘What did your parents do in the war?’ (21%) and ‘How do you think the war changed your future?’ (17%).

Nearly half (49%) of Brits whose grandparents were alive during the war either don’t remember stories they were told or simply were not told any wartime stories by their grandparents – and 71% don’t have any wartime memorabilia passed down to them from their grandparents.


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