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Welcome to the AFVBC National News & Announements, this page shows national news which may be of importance to the Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Clubs. This page may also show any publications which may help veterans or their families.

Man Arrested After Vandalism At War Memorial

Police have called on the public to name those involved (Picture: Swindon South Police). A 54-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage after dozens of wreaths were thrown from a war memorial in Swindon. Wiltshire Police believe it happened in the early hours of Saturday morning. Around 50 poppy wreaths were thrown from the Cenotaph War Memorial in Swindon.

Unused Military Ration Packs To Be Donated To Charity

Each pack contains nutritionally balanced meals, providing 4,000 calories to sustain an active person over a 24-hour period. Thousands of unused military ration packs are to be donated to charities over the next few years. The Ministry of Defence will provide operational ration packs to FareShare, a charity who distributes food to nearly 10,000 UK charities, including community groups, homeless hostels and lunch groups for the elderly.

Tory MP seeks to derogate armed forces from international human rights law

This would seek to ensure that the UK sought derogation from international human rights law, when it deployed troops abroad, to avoid them being taken to the international court, later on. He says the bill aims that the armed forces are protected from legal pursuit and to ensure that the power of the military to carry out action is "undiminished". "Soldiers do not want to be above the law," he says, "they just want to be protected by the correct laws."

'Your Army Needs You': Army Unveils Latest Recruitment Campaign

The new campaign features posters targeting "Snow Flakes", "Selfie Addicts" and "Binge Gamers" (Pictures: British Army).The British Army has unveiled its latest recruitment campaign after struggling to get new recruits through the door last year. The campaign 'Your Army Needs You' is comprised of a series of posters and video and radio adverts and has been designed to show the Army looks beyond young stereotypes and "sees people differently" and recognises their "need for a bigger sense of purpose", according to British Army Major General Paul Nanson.

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