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The Official Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Clubs Website Upgrade

The Official and Original, Armed Forces and Veterans Breakfast Clubs (AFVBC) website has now been upgraded to the latest version for the security of the members and their information. The new version includes extra security upgrades and also removes depreciated code, it also includes updates to external libraries/dependencies, which the platform relies on. Not to mention the new features to make the administration of the site a lot easier and more securer.

We have completed the migrated all the information from the old platform to the new platform, which should load faster. Visitors to the AFVBC website may not see a difference from the look or feel of the site but the platform the website is running on is much better than some other platforms. It is a truer "framework" in that it is a highly extensible, very powerful blank slate. Whereas other platforms like WordPress makes more assumptions, give you more niceties out of the box, but those niceties can come at a cost of extensibility, or the ability of the website to handle more complex business cases and can sometimes cause security issues.

The Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Clubs (AFVBC) website is now able to be extended to meet our needs and remains fast, clutter-free, and yet an up-to-date technology, which allows the armed forces & veterans breakfast club admin team to show the most important information to our members and not just put modules/addons in place to copy items/news from a third party which can make a website look cluttered and slow to load.

By upgrading to the latest platform, it allows us to show the latest information we have to visitors and veterans, with the new improved "find my nearest club" club search 

One of the main changes is that the forum has been removed, this is to allow for the location to be used for other third-party information which will help support veterans and it has been agreed for the Official Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Clubs to show this information.

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