VJ Day Celebration

VJ Day Celebrations

Sir David has been a lifetime supporter of veterans and those who fought for our country. He has spoken in Parliament calling for commemorations to mark Victory over Japan Day and Victory over Europe Day.

For VE Day this year, Sir David organised a virtual concert with live musicians and singers performing to remember and celebrate those who fought in the war. The link to the video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91ODJwqKOds

Sir David is planning another celebration for VJ Day this year and because of Coronavirus, it will also have to be virtual. It would be great if your charity could be involved in any way. Sir David would be very appreciative if you have any members that would want to share stories, a song, photos, memories or be involved in the commemorations in any other way.

Working together with your charity would be a wonderful way to mark the remembrance of those who died at the hands of the Japanese in the Far East at the 75th anniversary of VJ Day this year.

Point of contact Mr Harry Kleiman - harry.kleiman@parliament.uk

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