NEW Armed Forces Veterans Bikers Breakfast Club (AFVBBC)

AFVBBC - First meeting of club

Introducing a new breed of club in the breakfast clubs’ network here at and the first Armed Forces Veterans Biker Breakfast Club.

We’ve been busy over lockdown working out how we can bring together military veteran bikers to meet up all over the UK and the new club was formed in March 2021. Whilst the first club covers Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire, it is not limited to those in those counties as any military veteran biker can join the group no matter where they live.

As we do not have a fixed venue we are free to arrange ride outs/breakfast meets anywhere in the UK.

The first ride out was on Sunday 4 April 2021 (adhering to the rule of 6) and was a great sucess. We RVd at Tesco in Hatfield and rode to the Silver Ball biker cafe in Royston with a mix of abilities/experience of the bikers.

We’re looking forward to a further ease of numbers permitted outside towards the end of April (rule of 30) and really look forward to seeing more bikers turn up.

Please contact Lainey Forman for further details or if you’d like to set up a bikers club in your area.


AFVBBC Image 2 AFVBBC Image 3

AFVBBC Image 1

The Armed Forces Veterans Bikers Breakfast Club (AFVBBC) is growing, to view a list of these clubs then visit the Bikers (AFVBBC) Directory

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Other Team Members

Elaine Forman
Hatfield & Welwyn G.C. AFVBC, Admin
Andy Milne
Luton & District, Admin
Sharon Mansfield
Oundle AFVBC, Admin
Yvonne Parsons
Swindon AFVBC, Admin