Question 1

How do I register as a member of the Armed Forces Veterans Breakfast Clubs?

Q1 Answer

There is no registration for membership, each club is run autonomously and by their members for the benefit of their members. At the moment the only registration is for Breakfast Clubs not their members.

Question 2

Can I use the Original Armed Forces Veterans Breakfast Clubs Logo/Trademark?

Q2 Answer

Since the Logo is owned by the Original Armed Forces Veterans Breakfast Clubs (afvbc.com), it can be used for none commercial use such as wreaths etc to use the logo then please register your Breakfast Club. We will be launching the website shop shortly were members will be able to purchase a wide range of AFVBC branded product

Question 3

How comes there are two Armed Forces Veterans Breakfast Clubs (AFVBC's)?

Q3 Answer

There are two afvbc's because after there were financial difficulties (within afvbc.net) which the Director of AFVBC.net was told about, he did nothing about it or try to protect the veteran's funds. This has lead to the .net organisation submitting dormant accounts to Companies House for a number of years, stating they are not trading. The Director of afvbc.net then went on to make numerous false allegations to government organisations. which were found to be false and malicious

Question 4

Are both the Armed Forces Veterans Breakfast Clubs (AFVBC's) Linked?

Q4 Answer

There are two Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Clubs (afvbc's) but they are not linked in any way, shape, or form, this is because the afvbc.com is setup correctly. All funds are accounted for and we have receipts for everything, no single person has access to any funds, and all decisions are made by the admin team.

Question 5

Why "By Veterans For Veterans"?

Q5 Answer

Since the Original Armed Forces Veterans Breakfast Clubs (afvbc.com) is run "by veterans for veterans" it allows more funds to go to veterans charities. We have a Community Bank Account, this bank account allows us to run it for free and if the Bank thinks anyone is being paid they will change the bank account so we have to pay fee's.

Question 6

Who is Paid?

Q6 Answer

NONE of the Armed Forces Veterans Breakfast Clubs admin team are paid, they offer their services and time for free. We do have to pay organisation such as companies house (confirmation statement) and suppliers who provide services/products for us to run our online shop.

Question 7

How do I get my Breakfast Club Listed on the Directory?

Q7 Answer

To get your Veterans Breakfast Club Listed on the Directory you need to complete the Registration Form (which can be found here - Register your club)

Question 8

Can I be listed with .com and .net?

Q8 Answer

The Armed Forces Veterans Breakfast Clubs (afvbc.com) DO NOT have a problem with listing clubs which are also registered on .net, it is the .net directors/admins who have a problem with it. Once you are registered with .com you may find .net remove your club and show there is no club in the area. This has been done to many clubs who have continued to be listed with us and asked .net to remove all information about their town/city completely from .net website.

Question 9

Why have I been told the Original Armed Forces Veterans Breakfast Clubs Logo/Trademark is defunct?

Q9 Answer

The person/organisation who told you the Original Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Clubs Logo/Trademark is defunct are trying to mislead veterans, it is the same as been told there are official and unofficial Armed Forces Veterans Breakfast Clubs. Since all clubs are run autonomously the aim of all Armed Forces Veterans Breakfast Clubs is to support and help veterans. Knowingly giving out false/confusing information to veterans is hindering the support/help offered to veterans, especially when there is no evidence to support that information

Question 10

What happens to the funds which is raised from the sales of the merchandise?

Q10 Answer

The funds raised are kept to a minimum, they are used to keep the website running (Website hosting) and also to help pay for the payments required by Companies House these fees are mandatory and must be paid when submitting accounts on a yearly basis. If you look at Companies House, you can see we have submitted accounts since the company was formed. We have not and will not submit dormant accounts whilst we are still trading like some organisations have done. Any excess funds raised will go to purchase merchandise and also event insurance so our clubs can attend events in their area.

Other Team Members

Elaine Forman
Hatfield & Welwyn G.C. AFVBC, Admin
Andy Milne
Luton & District, Admin
Sharon Mansfield
Oundle AFVBC, Admin
Yvonne Parsons
Swindon AFVBC, Admin