Million Pound Appeal Launched For Veterans' Mental Health

The At Ease appeal aims to raise money over three years to help fund mental health services. Veterans' mental health charity Combat Stress is launching a £10 million appeal today, to meet the increasing demand from younger veterans for its services. The Prince of Wales, who's Patron of Combat Stress, will launch the appeal tonight at a reception at St James's Palace on the first day of Mental Health Awareness Week.

Tory MP Refuses To Support Theresa May Until 'Offensive' Probes Into Military Veterans End

Conservative MP Johnny Mercer says he is not prepared to vote for Government legislation until something changes. Mr Mercer has campaigned against the pursuit of legacy cases from the conflicts in Northern Ireland since he entered Parliament in 2015 (Picture: UK Parliament). A Tory MP has told Theresa May he will no longer support the Government in the Commons unless the historical prosecutions of ex-servicemen and women end.

Soldier F Supporters Take To Streets Of Belfast

Soldier F is to be charged with murdering two people after troops opened fire on civil rights demonstrators in Londonderry in January 1972. British army veteran with protesters outside Belfast City Hall (Picture: PA). Protesters opposed to the prosecution of a former British serviceman for alleged Troubles offences have gathered outside Belfast City Hall.

'Hundreds' Of Former Security Personnel Under Investigation Over Troubles

It is reported that between 150 and 200 veterans and police being investigated over the Troubles in Northern Ireland. As many as 200 former security personnel are under official investigation for alleged crimes during the Troubles in Northern Ireland, according to reports. According to the Guardian, the MOD estimates there are between 150 and 200 veterans and police being investigated over the troubles in Northern Ireland.

Prince William Joins Anzac Day Commemorations

It is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand to honour those who served and died in all conflicts. Prince William attends Anzac Day commemorations alongside New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (Picture: Kensington Palace). The Duke of Cambridge has begun his two-day visit in New Zealand by attending an Anzac Day memorial service. It is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand to honour those who served and died in all wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations.

Scrap UK Visa Fees For Commonwealth Veterans, MPs Say

It currently costs almost £10,000 in fees for a service leaver to settle in the UK with a spouse and two children. Veterans who served for at least four years have the option to apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK. A cross-party group of MPs is calling on the Home Secretary to abolish visa fees for Commonwealth servicemen and women in the British armed forces.

Soldiers protest through London over charging of Soldier F

Thousands of retired soldiers descended on Parliament on motorbikes to protest at the decision to charge Soldier F over Bloody Sunday. Around 8,000 riders snaked through central London in an organised go-slow protest. Park Lane, one of the busiest roads in the capital, was closed to allow the bikers to form up. Traffic was brought to a halt around Parliament Square and on Westminster and Vauxhall Bridges as the protesters, engines revving constantly, slowly made their way through the city.

Bikers Protest In London Over Bloody Sunday Prosecution

Bikers are holding a protest in London in response to the prosecution of a British soldier over Bloody Sunday. Organisers of the Rolling Thunder event expect thousands of motorcyclists to take part in the protest on Friday. A similar demonstration has taken place in Belfast with around 80 riders arriving at Stormont on Friday afternoon.

'Sexual Violence Is Not Something That Can Be Used As A Weapon Of War', Williamson Says

Gavin Williamson has launched a crusade to stop women, children and men being used as weapons of war in conflicts. The Ministry of Defence has allocated £2 million a year to run courses in training troops from around the world to recognise the complexities of gender in conflict. The training will focus on areas such as women and children in armed conflict, human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

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