Littlehampton AFVBC, 5th Anniversay

Littlehampton AFVBC celebrates its 5th anniversary

Littlehampton AFVBC celebrates its 5th anniversary and reflects on how it has become a gold standard Armed Forces Veterans Breakfast Club. Having launched as a social club for veterans, Littlehampton AFVBC has grown and developed into what is now considered a gold-standard Armed Forces Veterans Breakfast Club.

Founder Ian Neville, who served in the Royal Engineers, saw it as a way to bring military personnel together, to offer veterans and serving members of the Armed Forces a place to gather and chat with like-minded people. As the group celebrates its fifth anniversary, Ian, who is club chairman, has reflected on how far it has come and the wide range of services and support it now offers.

He said: "When we started, it was just a breakfast club and we have kept that part of it as it is. We have evolved slowly and allowed circumstances to dictate the way we have gone, allowing the membership to dictate. We are now seen as the gold standard by the Armed Forces Network. Where we differ from a lot of groups is we meet twice a week, so we see people a lot more. You can sense changes, or if you don't see them for a while you can think to check up on them. We have gone from a small social group to a full community."

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