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Breakfast Clubs are completely FREE…. And will always remain free!

There are no fees or subs and NOT here to make money for any organisation/business.

It all started at a Garage, when three friends used to meet on a Saturday morning, they used to get together and have a morning butty and banter.

Then one day a Sapper brought a BV206 military tracked vehicle in for some work doing to it, as he was looking for someone who knew about military vehicles. Once the vehicle was there it generated interest in mates getting together, lads from an old army unit whilst looking at the tracked vehicle.

Then after that, it started by word of mouth, first to someone in Newcastle who was visiting Hull, then it grew from there.

Since the start of the first Butty & Banter Club it has grown to worldwide, with clubs in multiple countries.

Original Breakfast Club Values

We run the CIC with the "Original Breakfast Club Values" run "By Veterans For Veterans".

The CIC is umbrella organisation for the Breakfast Clubs with no fee's or sub's paid, all funds raised will go back into veterans charities.

All funds are fully accountable and since it is run By Veterans For Veterans the costs are small, so more funds can go back to helping veterans.

The CIC is run by veterans and in line with CIC Regulations.

There are no "official" or "unofficial" Breakfast Clubs since they are run autonomously which is one of the fundamental principles. Breakfast Clubs are here to help Veterans gain the help/support they require. (This is contrary to what other people/organisations are stating)

Social Media Groups

Social Media Groups are run by their members/admins, no person other then those who attend the club should be an admin (unless otherwise asked to be).

Social Media Banners can be anything, it does not have to be the default banner we provide.

How the Social Media Group/Breakfast Club is run, is up to it's members/admins. There should be no interference from anyone who does not attend the Breakfast Club.

The CIC is here to advertise and help when and if needed to point veterans to their nearest club or further help when and if required.