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  1. Complete the FORM -
  2. Add me to your Facebook as an Admin (this is temporary) so we can change the Banner and Description. -
  3. Once the Banner and Description are changed then we would ask you to make me a normal member. This will allow us to post notifications of any new items which come into the website shop (when it is up and running)
  4. That’s it.

All Clubs run without any hindrance from anyone outside of that club, the only people who should be admins (unless you choose otherwise) are the ones who attend the club.

No one is
pressurised into anything and since all clubs are independent once the club has registered and the Details Changed that club can use the Logo for NONE-COMMERCIAL use.

Once the website shop is up and running items will be sold through there only.

All suppliers will be independent and not have links to ANY of the CIC admins.

For further information or clarity please email :