Tel: 01133 281176
Mob: 07392 180903

Sandwell (area towns)

52.5361674, -2.010793

Sandwell TBC
United Kingdom
Contact Tel
+44 (0)7426 713788
Meeting Times
THIRD Thurday (of the month) 1000hrs - 1200hrs

We are a group of Veterans and Serving Members of Her Majesties Armed Forces. Like other Veteran’s Breakfast Clubs around the country and overseas, our ethos is mutual support. It works because we all have a similar humour, outlook and the social life we now enjoy is like our service days.

All services veterans are welcome (If you can cope with the banter), turn up on a specify day morning and you will be made welcome.

This club has meeting in different locations to try to accommodate everyone's needs, it will be advertised on the Facebook Group were and when. All the Locations are shown on the Map but are all linked to the once Facebook Group.

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