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Breakfast Club Terms & Conditions

  • BE WARNED; the nature of military service involves 'black humour' resulting in posts which are often NOT 'politically correct'. If you are offended by such material, there are two options open to you: - Do not read it, or leave.
  • That said, if you find anything overtly offensive, or seriously prejudicial i.e. in your opinion not fitting the spirit of 'black humour', &/or, for example, bullying or demeaning to yourself or another member, it should be brought to the attention of an admin. If you are unsatisfied with their response, there are other admins you can speak to, and national admins.
  • We will not tolerate the prejudicial treatment, bullying or harassment of any kind, particularly on the grounds of service, rank/former rank, race, age, sex, sexual orientation, physical or mental illness or disability: anyone found to be bullying or harassing others may be deleted, blocked & excluded.
  • While serving in the Armed Forces, although allowed personal political views, we were not allowed to express them; it also applies here; your politics/religion are your own business.
  • Non-service members/former members of any armed forces or uniformed services, or association with such, should be clear & honest about this when applying to join the Breakfast Clubs. Those impersonating veterans or serving ('Walts'), be warned; if suspicious, we will not rest until we have confirmed your status, & Walts WILL be exposed, may be publically 'outed', blocked & excluded, as this is NOT tolerated by any veteran!
  • Non-veterans are sometimes accepted with the agreement of veterans/serving members, & are welcome to make suggestions, but their status will remain that of a 'guest' or ‘associate member’ when it comes to the ‘policy’ of the group. The group is exclusively for veterans & serving personnel of Her Majesty's Armed Forces & her allies; civilians/non-veterans will not be consulted or influence decisions effecting the group. As the name suggests, it is an Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club.
  • No financial gain is to be sought by any member, nor will the seeking of such be tolerated for themselves, or on behalf of any organisation, no matter how 'deserving', without prior agreement of the group as a whole.