Armed Forces Covenant

Armed Forces Covenant

Veterans Breakfast Clubs CIC are now showing on the Armed Forces Covenant Website.

The Covenant was signed in October 2019 but it has only now just updated on their website. This will allow ALL Breakfast Clubs to be viewed not just the selected few which other websites show.

This will make the Veterans Breakfast Clubs CIC known to all and with the original logo, original values and full accountability allow us to standout.

Since all clubs are run autonomously we will NOT be placing the Armed Forces Covenant Logo on the Breakfast Club banners. If we did this it would mean all clubs are run by the CIC and not by individual club admins and independently.


Submitted byAndy Milne (not verified) on Tue, 01/21/2020 - 16:37

Justice is finally being done, well done for sticking with it Dave, great efforts bring great respect and rewards!

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Other Team Members

Elaine Forman, Hatfield & Welwny G.C
Hatfield & Welwyn G.C. AFVBC, Admin
Andy Milne, Luton & District AFVBC
Luton & District, Admin
Sharon Mansfield Oundle AFVBC
Oundle AFVBC, Admin
Yvonne Parsons Swindon AFVBC
Swindon AFVBC, Admin